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We help people from the Conroe, Spring, Willis, Montgomery, Magnolia and The Woodlands regions to get out of pain, stay active, and continue to do the things they love. It's time to get your life back. Here's how we do it.


1 on 1 care 


Individualized natural treatment 


Restore movement and strength

"I hurt my knee to the point where I thought I needed surgery. Life got busy having a toddler and before I knew it a year had gone by. I was frustrated and in pain and didn’t see an end in sight. Thinking I needed surgery, I kept pushing it off. Sal happened to be at the gym I trained at, I talked with him for almost an hour about what happened and the possible steps forward. Within that hour he diagnosed what he thought was going on and gave me a plan of action. After my first visit, there was a night and day difference. Now after 6 weeks, I am 100%! Thanks for everything Sal! My quality of life has improved tremendously in the last 6 weeks! 10/10 would recommend"


"My husband started therapy at Hands-on Physical Therapy 3 weeks ago and he couldn't be more happy. It truly is one on one therapy and Sal makes him feel better every time he goes. This is not the mad house that most therapy places are where they give you orders then disappear with 5 other patients that they spend 2 minutes each with before circling back to you 15 minutes later. This is a full hour of personal attention by either Sal or his one assistant. My husband is having back issues that are complicated and Sal talks him through them with a great deal of insight that always makes sense and gives the reasons why he is doing what he is doing. We couldn't be happier and would recommend Hands-On to anyone that needs some help with any form of rehab.t your brand’s image. Click to edit and add your own."


"Dr. Sal saved my shoulders! I have rotator cuff and labrum injuries. The pain had gotten so bad that I thought I was going to have to quit basketball and volleyball. But Sal helped me get some huge improvements. He and his staff are very friendly and caring too! It has that great family business feel."


"Silem is the PT you need! After 3 years of constantly getting injured, 4 different doctors and an endless amount of frustration he was able to get everything back on track. If you need someone to take into account all the issues you have and do everything possible to fix it his practice it the place to do that. Thank you so very much for all the help."


"Dr. Sal Gomez is amazing. My father showed up from out of town and was in some serious back. Pain that he had been dealing with for over a month. He tried physical therapy once with someone else in San Antonio with not much results. Dr. Gomez freed up his Saturday night and got my dad in. After lots of stretches, and the right evaluation he determined the troubled area. My dad was barely walking and able to get out of the car. After one visit with Dr. Gomez he was already feeling 85% better . With the right exercises that Sal assigned to him.He is now pain free and back to work. Strongly recommend Dr.Gomez . He checks all the boxes and more. Reliable , honest ,caring and very professional. Deserves more than 5 stars."


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